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Today I’m announcing Pervert Pete’s new premium Omegle video site, PeteTube which is 100% FREE TO ALL MY ELITE (and above) PATREON PATRONS & $2.99 a month for non Patrons.

? Instantly Watch ALL The 18+ Uncensored Pervert Pete Videos You Want For As Low As $2.99 A Month!

? Your Monthly Subscription Will Include:

? New Videos Every Week

? Videos That Are Too Extreme For YouTube

? Omegle videos that have FULL FEMALE NUDITY (and some male nudity)

? Uncut Full Scenes From Pete’s YouTube Videos

? Uncensored Omegle Videos That Are BANNED FROM THE REST OF THE INTERNET

? Uncensored Pervert Pete & Ariane Videos With FULL NUDITY

? Omegle Videos With Extreme Humorous Vulgarity

? Pervert Pete Gaming Videos that has FULL NUDITY & SEX

? Uncensored Hentai Gaming Series

? All 18+ videos that can’t be shown anywhere else on the internet

? Not only will you get amazing, UNCENSORED, 18+ content for $2.99, but you will be helping me pay for server costs, domain registrations & miscellaneous production costs as well, so your membership is very much appreciated!

? You Get What you Pay For Out of all the Omegle YouTubers and Gaming YouTubers, how many of them put out ‘premium’ content thats considered ‘adult’ or only for adults? Not many, if any. Thats why the saying, “You get what you pay for” is true in a lot of cases, especially this case. If you want watered down, generic and squeaky clean content, then free YouTube is for you. But if you want nudity, vulgarity, hardcore extreme content that has no rules, then premium is the way to go and thats what I’ve built with PeteTube at an affordable price. ? Why Am I Doing This? A few reasons. I get a lot of footage on Omegle and play hentai games and there’s tons of nudity and vulgarity in them. YouTube is increasingly turning into a snowflakes wet dream. In the past 10 months, I’ve already had my original YouTube channel, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all suspended due to ‘inappropriate content’ which in turn, forced my sponsors to cancel our partnerships, understandably so. Years of work down the drain. So in order to make up for all of these setbacks I’ve had to purchase web hosting, domains and I’ve also upgraded equipment and my production value. Since there is really no where I can put my content that is considered adult, 18+, XXX or whatever you want to call it, I have to put it up on my own and the best way I can do it is to monetize it. I see people catch flack for doing this which is amazing and I’m not gonna get into it but as you know, I have multiple websites and the only stuff that goes on PeteTube is the ‘adult’ stuff that I consider quality. If its below standards imo, it will go on ChurchOfSookie, which is my free content site. Im keeping the subscription low $2.99 which I think is more than fair because I want as many people be able to afford it as possible. Im not trying to get rich, I’m just trying to cover costs cuz it is kind of ridiculous to not only spend my free time creating, producing AND paying to house the content. Thats just nuts. I cant do it all alone cuz its taking food out of my kids mouth and thats not gonna last, so Im asking my top, dedicated fans to help me out and if its something you want to see and pay for, then thank you for your support! If its something you’re not interested in, no problem I understand. ? I will always make both kinds of content, for the general public (for YouTube,Twitter, ect.) and for my hardcore fans (PeteTube). Either way, if you like my free stuff and or premium stuff, I thank you for all your support and the best way to support what I do is to share my videos on all your social media, cuz the more people that see my videos, the better for all of us! My goal will always be, to be able to put the premium stuff out for free and in order to do that, I need your help getting my stuff out to people. So with your help, we all can get our sookie on! Thanks again for all your support!

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